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Nishmat’s Satellite Beit Midrash, Paris

Nishmat's Satellite Beit Midrash in Paris

In 2013, a group of Alisa Flatow International Program Alumnae in France launched a satellite Bet Midrash in Paris. Students study weekly via video conferencing with Nishmat faculty. Rabbanit Henkin visited in the Spring of 2014, to lecture in person and formally open the program. Her visit was written up in a local Jewish paper Acualite Communataire. In January 2015, Nishmat Faculty Member, Ms. Debbie Zimmerman, travelled to France to teach a live session of the Bet Midrash and keep up the excitement for this dedicated group of alumnae.

The group has participated in mini-courses, topics include Megillat Esther, Megillat Rut, Megillat Eicha and Kuzari.

Please click here to sign up for the Beit Midrash program – we welcome women from all European countries.