Alumnae 2019
Meital Sapir

Meital Sapir, Shana Ba’Aretz 2012-13, went on to study Religion and Philosophy at Barnard, including a semester abroad at UCL in London. Shortly after graduating in summer 2017, she made aliyah and settled in Tel Aviv with friends from Nishmat. In March 2018, she drafted to the IDF. Today, she serves as an officer in the IAF, in a flight squadron in Israel’s South. “Waking up every morning in Eretz Yisrael and serving in the military is the most befitting actualization of my values- being part of the State of Israel, the Jewish land, and contributing to the Jewish people,” said Meital. Of Nishmat, she continued, “Nishmat is the community that keeps on giving. The friends I have made there are lifelong and together we are finding our way and making our lives in Israel.”