If you need financial aid, please fill out this section carefully. It will be treated as strictly confidential.
If not, you may skip the rest of this section.
Do you need financial aid? *

What are your anticipated savings and investments as of the day you arrive at Nishmat?
How much money will you earn monthly in interest, pension, etc. while at Nishmat?
If you are working now, what is your monthly salary? (before taxes)
Are you currently studying for an academic degree?

If so, what is the annual tuition?
What is the financial aid package, if any, that you are currently receiving?
Have you taken out student loans?

If so, for what sums?
Are your parents contributing towards your tuition?

If so, how much are they paying?
How many years of student loans, if any, do you have to pay off?
What is the total amount of loans you need to pay off?
How much money can you contribute towards tuition and dormitory fees from - your savings and investments parent's contribution and other sources
Potential Resources for Funding your Study at Nishmat
What scholarships or loans have you applied for to date, and with what result?
Please note that many Nishmat students who applied to their local Jewish Federation and to their Synagogue have received grants to the order of $500 from one, or both.
Please mail us copies of letters that you sent to request funding for your study at Nishmat (e.g. synagogue, Federation, Jeff Seidel, etc), as well as any responses you received, including rejection letters.
Based on your answers to the previous questions concerning available resources to both you and your parents:
Would you be able to pay your fees over time with post-dated checks?

If so, in how many payments?
How much could you pay each month?
If you require reduced tuition and/or a reduced dormitory fee, what fees would you be capable of paying?
Please let us know any additional information that the financial aid committee should be aware of when considering your request