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Behind The Mask: Nishmat Alumna Leads Identity Seminar

For the last three years, Nishmat Ethiopian Women (N.E.W.) program alumna Bat El Edrigo has been a madricha (counselor) for Nishmat's Identity Seminars on Wheels, a program that promotes integration and understanding for vulnerable adolescents in schools throughout Israel. This year, in addition to pursuing a degree in Archeology and Land of Israel Studies at Bar Ilan University and working as a tour guide,  Bat El is leading three workshops a group of 7th-9th grade olot (immigrants) hailing from Russia, Ethiopia, England, the United States and South America at the Gila High School in Beit Shemesh.  "Coming from an immigrant family myself, I very much relate to the struggles these girls face acclimating to Israeli culture," relayed Bat El. "During my year at Nishmat, I gained the invaluable tools that enable me to help these girls find their way." 

This week, in honor of Purim, Bat El ran a mask painting workshop for her group with the theme "Who am I behind this mask I wear?" She also led the students in team building activities relating to self-identity. The students are eagerly looking forward to their next workshop with Bat El planned for Pesach.