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Record 60 Sherut Leumi Veterans Choose Nishmat

Sixty young women who served in Sherut Leumi (National Service) or the IDF, enrolled in Nishmat this fall. That’s a 30 percent increase over two years ago! These students bring serious life and leadership experience and a tremendous enthusiasm to learn.
”I chose Nishmat because it maintains the delicate balance of being worldly yet very serious about Torah study and one’s connection with Hashem,” said Shani Hartuv of Givat Shmuel (near Tel Aviv). Shani, a Sherut Leumi veteran, spent the past two years teaching Russian and Ethiopian high school students to “own” their Jewish identity. Shani first visited Nishmat years ago, on a high school field trip: “I was so moved. Here was a beautiful campus dedicated to women’s Torah learning! I decided then that I would come back to learn here one day.”
Ayala Amitai, who grew up in a small Israeli town, had a similar experience. She visited Nishmat during her post-high school National Service, where she supervised 15 counselors and 300 youngsters for Bnei Akiva. Never having studied Talmud (not unusual for religiously observant girls in Israel), she was awed to see young women with “the luxury to sit and study Torah texts all day.” She said, “Now, I plan to invest in myself and learn Gemara (Talmud). The opportunity to develop skills and tools to study on my own is very exciting to me.”