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New Year Brings Most Students Ever. Every Seat Taken! Dorms Filled!

Having just met their new roommates and settled into the dorm, 200 full-time students gathered in Nishmat’s beit midrash to begin their academic year.
Addressing the diverse student body, Nishmat Founder and Dean Rabbanit Chana Henkin, reflected on the euphoria that accompanies a new experience, such a spending a year devoted to Torah study. “After a while, we realize how difficult it can be to master the texts — it's hard to focus and we have to put in more effort to understand,” she said, encouraging the students to persevere despite the challenges. Quoting the promise to the Jewish people found in Shir Hamalot, the psalm recited after each meal on Shabbat and holidays, Rabbanit Henkin promised, “…those who sow with tears will reap in joy.”