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Shana Ba’Aretz Haggada is now Online

The students of our Shana BaAretz Post High-School program have compiled a beautiful Hagaddah for Pesach, filled with divrei Torah, halachot and their family traditions. 

Download a copy for your Pesach Seder.

The following is an extract from the introduction to the Hagaddah:

At Nishmat we’ve been taught to love and revere tradition. We have been inculcated with a respect for boundaries. At the same time, we have been challenged to challenge the complicated, the controversial, and even the generally accepted. This simultaneity, we discovered, is reflected in the basic structure of this project. We have included the sacred text that has been passed down from generation to generation, while also producing our own commentaries.

We would first like to thank our Rosh Tochnit Rav Yehoshua Weisberg for giving us the idea of creating a Hagaddah, and for teaching us that we “gotta be honest”. We would also like to thank our Rav and Posek, Rav Sperling, for supplying us with the halachot of the Seder and teaching us the meaning of “Aseh lecha Rav”. For the tangible Hagaddah now in your hands, thanks must be given to both Tzippy and Tzipora and the entire Nishmat office.

Finally, we would like to thank the Rabbanit for guiding us, teaching us, and being our friend, and especially for creating and providing us with an environment that has inspired this project and our future growth.

Thank you to the girls of Shana Baaretz who weathered endless Facebook posts and especially to those who submitted these thought-provoking divrei Torah. Thank you to Rinatte Gruen for creating our stunning cover, and finally, a very large and special thank you to our layout editor Ariela Weinberger for putting up with us, pushing us, pushing herself, and pulling this beautiful hagaddah together.

Leshana (bet) haba beyerushalayim!

Chag Sameach,

Tova Kamioner and Daniella Greenbaum