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Mazaltov to our Alumnae & Staff – May 2013

Post-College Summer ScholarshipsMazaltov to the following couples, may you be zoche to build a Bayit Ne'eman B'Yisrael!

Julia Kuturov (Shana BaAretz 5771) on her engagement to Chanan 

Shoshana Spellman (Shana BaAretz 5768) on her engagement to Avriel Herrmann

Michelle Sykes (Shana BaAretz 5768) on her engagement to Rowe Akerman

Joselyn Eckert (Current Alisa Flatow Student) on her engagement to Adam Block 

Mazaltov to the following families -may you be zoche to raise them to Torah, Chuppah & Ma'asim Tovim!

Ilana (Alisa Flatow 5769) and Elie Bercuson on the birth of their son, Dov Netanel

Amos Moshe (Nishmat Caretaker) on the birth of his first grandson

Hadassa (Alisa Flatow 5770) and Yosef Dina on the birth of a baby girl, Atara Tiferet

Mazal Tov to Na'amah (Machon Gavoha, 1993-5) & Rav Daniel Roselaar who are celebrating the barmitzvah of their son, Netanel Yoel.
Nishmat expresses condolences to Shikma Ganzel (Director of the Maayan Hemshech Program) on the loss of her father, may you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim
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