Ethiopian Israeli Alumnae: Record Breaking Statistics!

Ethiopian Israeli Jewish womenStudies published by the JDC-Myers-Brookdale Institute, the leading research institute on disadvantaged populations in Israel, have found that 59% of Ethiopian-Israeli women do not complete high school and only 20% go on to college. Of those who make it to college, only 15% both graduate and find work in their professional field. 

With unparalleled success, Nishmat is turning these statistics around one woman at a time. In a typical class, 73% of Nishmat Ethiopian-Israeli graduates are employed and of them, 74% work in their professional field, several times the national average. 75% of this summer’s graduates have paid internships in their fields. Typically the first in their families to attend college, Nishmat graduates have become lawyers, educators, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, accountants, and more. Several have completed Master’s degrees in their professional fields. 

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