Nishmat Wins Government Tender to Train Mikvah Attendants in Israel

Yoetzet Halacha Rotem GlasserIn a move to reduce misunderstandings and friction between Israel's secular and religious public and to upgrade services in Israel's mikvaot, Nishmat has been awarded a government contract to train mikveh attendants nationally.
The training, designed by Nishmat Yoetzet Halacha Rotem Glasser, who is slated to head the project, will include a first-aid course, workshops in communications skills, and lectures and seminars in women's health, sexuality, domestic violence, spirituality and mikveh, and acquaintance with Israel's secular community.
All Jewish brides marrying in Israel are required to use the mikveh before marriage. The meeting between secular brides and mikveh attendants, most of whom are Haredi, has sparked tensions between religious and secular in Israel.
Says Nishmat Board Member Yaffah Gisser, "By winning this important contract, Nishmat is being transformed into a body with national impact upon religious-secular relations in Israel."