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Mazaltov to our Alumnae & Staff – September 2014

Torah study for women in Israel
Mazel Tov to  the following couples, may they be zoche to build a bayit ne'eman b'Yisrael:

Stuie (Nishmat Chairman) and Claire Hershkowitz on the marriage of their son, Matan

Elizabeth Bitterman (Alisa Flatow 5774) and Sruli Farkas on their engagement

Mazaltov to the following families, may they grow to Torah, Chuppa & Maasim Tovim!

Rabbi Binyamin Miller (Educational Coordinator, Alisa Flatow International) and family on the birth of their son

Jocelyn (Alisa Flatow 5772 & 3) & Adam Block on the birth of their son

Tzippy (Secretary of English Speaking Programs) & Rav Shlomi Dayan on the birth of their son

Fran (Rakezet Shana BaAretz) and Rafi Miller on the birth of their daughter

Mazaltov to:

Nechama Price (Yoatzot Halacha US Fellows 2013) on her position as Director of GPATS.

Dafna Siegman (Nishmat Faculty), Dani Gan Zvi and family on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Amichai Yitzchak

Laurie & Rav Moti Novick (Nishmat Faculty) and family on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Eliezer Baruch

Our sincerest condolensces to: 
Rabbi Shlomo Kasirer (Program Head, Jewish Educators for the Next Generation) on the loss of his wife Sara, z"l.
Dr. Tamar Kahane (AFN Board Member) and Dr. Keren Kirschenbaum (Nishmat Faculty) on the loss of their father, Professor Dov Zlotnick, z"l.
Rozy Weitzner (AFN Board Member) on the loss of her husband, Dr. Walter Weitzner, z"l.