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Nishmat’s Professional Development Course

Nishmat started a new Professional Development Course for Rebbetzins initiative this summer.  Many shul rebbetzins expressed to their need for in-depth knowledge of Hilchot Niddah and associated practical topics in women’s health, to better serve women in their communities.  Most lack the requisite Talmudic conversancy to become a yoetzet halachal and in addition cannot spend two years of intensive learning at Nishmat. This week-long program aimed to give them the basics necessary to assist their shul members.  Registered participants were rebbetzins of all ages, from the USA, Israel, and China,  including Rebbetzins Layaliza Soloveichik of the Upper West Side; Rachel Shandrovsky of San Francisco; and Anne Sendor of Sharon, MA (mother of Yoetzet Halacha Atara Eis), and Rachel Oser of Hong Kong.