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Mazaltov to our Alumnae & Staff – Dec 2014 – Feb 2015

Torah study for women in Israel
Mazel Tov to  the following couples, may they be zoche to build a bayit ne'eman b'Yisrael:

Bobbijo Leah Powers (Alisa Flatow 5771) and David Nagar on their marriage

Shayna Rothman (Shana BaAretz 5771) and Ben Miller on their engagement

Stuart (Nishmat Chairman) and Claire Hershkowitz on the marriage of their daughter

Talia Greenstein (Shana BaAretz 5772) and Gavi Dov Hochsztein on their engagement

Rachel (Rellie) Berkowitz (Alisa Flatow 5770) and Yedidel on their engagement

Mazal Tov to the following families, may they grow to Torah, Chuppa & Maasim Tovim!

Simi Peters (Director, Alisa Flatow International Program) and family on the birth of her grandson

Rav Yehoshua (Director, Shana BaAretz Program) and Jenny Weisberg on the birth of their son, Yonatan Tzur

Aviva (Shana BaAretz 5770) and Michael Sterman on the birth of their daughter, Shlomit

Aviela Flashner (Alisa Flatow 5769) and family on the birth of their son.

Ioana Goldstein (Alisa Flatow 5773) and Michel Apsan on the birth of their son

Hadassa (Alisa Flatow 5770) and Yosef Dina on the birth of a baby girl, Avigail Chaya. Mazal tov to big brother Nathaniel and big sister Atara Tiferet

Mazal Tov to Dena Safer (Projects Coordinator) & Hillel Hiesiger on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Bat-Chen
Mazel Tov to Rachel Sapoznik (Summer Program Alumna and Nishmat International Board of Governors Member) on the marriage of her daughter Jacqueline to Zachary Charles.
Our Condolences to Sholem and Wendy Greenbaum (Chair, Nishmat International Board of Governors) on the loss of Sholem's father Avraham Greenbaum, z"l
Our Condolences to Esti Cohen, Canadian Friends of Nishmat board member, on the loss of her father, Rabbi David Assor, z"l
Our Condolences to Rabbanit Elise Peter (Alisa Flatow 5770) on the loss of her mother
Please let us know of your smachot, we would love to hear from you!