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Jewish Link: “What to Expect When You Are Done Expecting”

Published May 28, 2015, in The Jewish Link NJ, by Sherry S. Kirschenbaum.

What happens when a woman stops having children?

This rarely discussed intimate subject was the focus of a shiur given by Yoetzet Halacha Nechama Price on “What to Expect After You Are Done Expecting: From Birth Control to Menopause.”

Held May 5 at the Synagogue of the Suburban Torah Center in Livingston, the shiur concluded a year-long series by Price that attracted 200 women in the Essex County area. The shiurim rotated among four local Orthodox synagogues: Ahavas Achim B’nai Jacob & David and Ohr Torah in West Orange and Livingston’s Etz Chaim and Synagogue of the Suburban Torah Center. Previous shiurim addressed the topics of In the Bedroom and Beyond: Your Questions Answered, Intimacy Behind Closed Doors and 10 Mistakes Keeping You From the Mikvah.

The position of Yoetzet Halacha, or female adviser in Jewish law, was created in 1997 by Nishmat: The Jeanie Schottenstein Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women in Jerusalem. Over the course of an intensive two-year program, students are trained in the halachic intricacies of taharat hamishpacha (family purity laws). Price, who is only the second Yoetzet Halacha in New Jersey, graduated in 2013 as part of the first US cohort.

“The series came about because there were several women in the West Orange and Livingston communities who felt it would be nice to have a resource specifically focused on issues of taharat hamishpacha,” said Dara Orbach and Cheryl Munk, who helped coordinate bringing Nechama Price to the area. “It’s such a personal area of our lives, and so many women don’t ask questions when they have them because they feel shy or embarrassed.

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