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Student Voices: Coming Back to Nishmat

by Racheli Segall, Alisa Flatow international Student 5773

It has been over year since I left Nishmat. The place where I was privileged enough to focus an entire eight months on self growth and on Torah learning. The hard thing about leaving was not knowing when I would return, all I knew is that I would. How could I not?

And now I found myself standing, once again, in front of those regal blue gates, under the heat of the Jerusalem sun. And with a buzz and a click I re-entered into The Jeanie Schottenstein Center for Advanced Torah Study for Women and all the memories begin to flood in.

I think about the familiar and not so familiar faces I would see. There is of course anticipation, expectation. Throughout those precious months I changed – we all did. It was impossible not to. There is and should always be change, even if only slight and gradual. Because change creates a space for growth and Nishmat definitely is place of growth.

Returning to Beit Midrash and the buzz of chavrutot sharing in Torah made me smile. I realised how much I really missed this place. The unique way we were- are able to unite through Torah – complete stranger or familiar face – in the pursuit of truth.  And with opening of a sefer we re-entered into the world of the Tanaiim, the Amoraiim and together we travelled down the halachic path with them.

I spent 1.5 days learning there and it was like a thirst had been quenched. I didn’t even know I was thirsty.

And that natural anticipation was transformed into excitement and warmth. I guess that is what happens when you come home, no matter how much time apart you will always be accepted with open arms – the Nishmat family.