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Mazaltov to our Alumnae & Staff – August & September 2015

Torah study for women in IsraelMazal Tov to the following families, may they grow to Torah, Chuppa & Maasim Tovim!

Elizabeth (Shana BaAretz 5769 & Alisa Flatow 5774) Daniel Lieberman on the birth of their son

Beth (Alisa Flatow 5773) and Charlie Lesch on the birth of their son

Danielle (Shana BaAretz 5768) and Eliyahu Zaychik, and big brothers Avromie and Yehoshua, on the birth of their son/brother

Yoetzet Halacha Ayelet Kaminetzky(Director of Nishmat's Golda Koschitzky Women's Halachic Hotline) and family on the birth of a daughter, Maayan.

Sara (Miller) (Alisa Flatow 5771) and Yehuda Israel on the birth of their son

Yoetzet Halacha Gilla Rosen on the birth of a granddaughter Rivka Bella Bracha

Ariella (Mitchneck) (Alisa Flatow 5768) and Yechiel Robinson on the birth of their son, Yaakov Yonatan

Mazal Tov to the following couples, may they be zoche to build a bayit ne'eman b'Yisrael!

Sara Frankel (Shana BaAretz 5769) and Chagai Goodinger on their engagement

Shayna Rothman (Shana BaAretz 5771) and Ben Miller on their marriage

Simmi Kleinberg (Canadian Friends of Nishmat Coordinator) and family on the engagment of her daughter Eliana to Zach Hosynni

Mazal Tov to:

Linda (Nishmat International Board of Governors) and Michael(American Friends of Nishmat board) Jesselson on the engagement of their son Jonathan and the birth of a granddaughter to son Ronnie and family.

Debby Spinner  and husband Ron on the birth of their twin grandchildren Noga and Ziv and the marriage of their son Donny to Avigayil.

Yoetzet halacha Dr. Tova Ganzel on publishing her first book, People of Faith and Bible Criticism

To the 18 new Yoatzot Halacha, in Israel amd America, who passed their certification exams this August.

Tzipora Tempelman (Administrative Coordinator of Overseas Programs) and family on the Bar Mitzvah of her son, Gabi

Dr. Nicole (AFN Board of Directors) and Raanan Agus on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Ilan

Please let us know of your smachot, we would love to hear from you!