Media Room
Building updates from Evi

Dear Bogrot,

Over the past year a lot of construction work has been done on the Nishmat campus and we wanted to update you about what has been accomplished.  We have built two new floors as well as an elevator to improve the accessibility of the campus.

The  building of the new floors is in advanced stages and we expect the new floors to be completed by June.  We hope to have use of some of the new classrooms during the post Pesach zman and at the same time we will be completing the rest of the class rooms as well as a new kitchen, dining room, Beit Knesset and a roof/porch with a panoramic view of Yerushalayim.

We are excited about the high registration for our various programs and are happy that we will be able to significantly improve the conditions on campus.    

You are all invited and welcome at any time to come see the exciting additions to our campus!