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This fall Nishmat hosted almost 800 women from Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP)

This fall Nishmat hosted almost 800 women from the Jewish Women's Rennisance Project (JWRP)  for their first ever Jewish text study session with veteran Nishmat teachers in the newly completed Charlotte and Sammy Rohr Dining and Multipurpose Hall. Trip participant, Dr. Sue Flanzman, an internist in Bergen County, NJ  commented  "the text study was intellectually stimulating and a lot of fun—I really enjoyed learning with a study partner (chevruta). The energy in the room was incredible." Jody Heimler, Managing Director of Development at the Jewish Federation of North Jersey relayed that this is the first time her Federation is partnering with the JWRP. She remarked, "I'm going to be sure my constituents know about Nishmat–what an impressive institution."