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Travel with the Tanach

Yoetzet Halacha and tour guide, Emuna Lapid, who lives with her family on campus as part of a seed group of young families strengthening the Nishmat community, teaches a class to Nishmat students entitled l'tayel im ha tanach, Traveling with the Tanach. Mainly comprised of students from Shana Ba'Aretz and Nishmat Ethiopian Women (N.E.W.), the class meets weekly to study biblical sections related to the geography of Israel. The lessons begin with the history and geographical study followed by learning segments of Torah corresponding to the specific area studied. Once a month, the students accompany Emuna on a field-trip to see the biblical area first-hand.

Last week Emuna and her students walked from Nishmat along the boardwalk of the Haas Promenade that was built on the historic railway tracks that had been paved over one of the ways which pilgrims of ancient times would travel to the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple). From there they walked to the old train station in Emek Refaim and spoke about the times that it was mentioned in the Bible, and about its important topographical significance, then walked to Gae Ben Hinom and Mount Zion and discussed the verses where the areas are spoken about in the Book of Joshua that the class had just studied in depth.

Emuna explained, "the purpose of my class is not only to teach biblical history and geography, but to increase awareness of the personal relevance of the biblical stories. The stories of the Torah really happened here on this earth in the land of Israel. We are all part of Israel's story and when we are standing here, we really are part of the Torah ourselves."