Nishmat’s Alisa Flatow
Post College Program

About the Program

Looking to strengthen your connection to your religion? To engage in the Talmudic sources and build a deep understanding and hashkafa (world view)? Looking to feel spiritually connected on a profound intellectual level? Are you looking to be part of a group of empowering post college students who want to spend a year in Israel broadening their understanding, their place and connection to Judaism and halacha?  Are you looking for an approach where women learn on a serious level, becoming part of the Bet Midrash (study hall) which has formed halacha for thousands of years without compromising your commitment to halacha?

Don’t leave your understanding of who you are as a Jewish women on an elementary level.  Deepen and broaden your knowledge, engage in the sources and make your religious understanding your own! 

The Alisa Flatow Post College Program is an opportunity for young women who want to spend an empowering year in the Bet Midrash learning a variety of topics to build a strong spiritual and intellectual foundation of who they are as religious women. The schedule is full day, five days a week.  The learning is based on chevrutah study (with a partner) which allows for engaging independently in the sources, along with a study partner to help build skills and make the knowledge you acquire your own.

Nishmat’s Esther Kryss Bet Midrash is filled with a tapestry of highly skilled, devoted educators of diverse perspectives on halacha and Judaism. The faculty is there to teach and guide you in building your own viewpoint and understanding who you are.  

Join us this September at Nishmat for an empowering year which will change you for a lifetime. Whether this will be your first experience studying in a Bet Midrash or you have previously spent a gap year in Israel; if you are looking to deepen and broaden your hashkafa with motivated, inspiring women – Nishmat’s post college program is for you!

Throughout the year we will go on tours of different sites in Israel, many times the very sites we learn about in Tanach. That is the beauty of learning Torat Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael together with the women of Am Yisrael!

In addition we will spend some shabbatot together as a group, at different staff members’ homes and experiencing shabbat with different families and communities in Israel.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I already did a gap year in Israel, is this program still appropriate for me? Yes! If you are interested in learning with a vibrant, motivated, mature group of women who want to build a stronger foundation in Judaism and halacha, this program is for you!
  2. I am not completely observant yet, is this program appropriate for me? Yes! We are all on a religious and spiritual journey. If you are interested in growing spiritually and broadening your understanding, you are welcome at any stage of observance. A dress code according to halacha is expected on Nishmat grounds.
  3. What topics are taught in the program? The program includes a variety of topics such as Talmud, Halacha, Tanach, Jewish philosophy, Women and Mitzvot and Chassidut. The learning is done both with a learning partner (chevrutah) and in class. You are welcome to make additional chevrutot to add additional opportunities for independent learning and the staff will guide you.
  4. Is the program all in English? Although we are an Israeli institution and those who feel comfortable in Hebrew are welcome to join classes in Hebrew as well, you are not expected to know any Hebrew. All the classes of the program will be in English.
  5. What is the age range of participants? Almost all participants are post college students in their twenties.
  6. Are there dorms? The learning program is a full day. It does not include housing. However, Nishmat can try and help you find a nearby apartment, with or without roommates.
  7. Does Nishmat provide food? There is a hot lunch served daily as well as a small breakfast together as a group after tefilla.
  8. Is there an expected dress code? Nishmat is a halachic institution and students are therefore asked to dress according to Rav Henkin ztz”l’s halachic ruling which includes skirts to your knees, and shirts with sleeves which cover most of the upper arm.
  9. Do I have to commit for a full year? Although it may seem like a long time, a year to engage completely in studies shaping who are religiously, is a very short period of time. Because the classes start at a certain point, and continue to elevate along with the level of the members of the class, it is impossible to create this kind of program without the full year commitment.
  10. I am married or in a serious relationship, is this program appropriate for me? Absolutely! Whether you are single or married, a year dedicated to building yourself religiously is important. The hours are very comfortable for married women and young mothers as well.
  11. Will there be organized shabbatot? For most of the shabbatot you will independently experience Israel. Since Nishmat has many programs in one bet midrash we are sure you will connect to other students and staff members who would be happy to invite you for shabbat. A few times a year we will have an organized shabbat together as a group somewhere in Israel to explore new communities and experience shabbat with different families.
  12. How much is program tuition? Tuition for the full program is $8,500 USD. At Nishmat, we believe in giving every woman who sincerely wants to learn and grow, the opportunity to do so. Need-based financial aid is available. Please contact the office to apply for financial aid.


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