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Shavuot in Capsules

This was truly the best Shavuot of my life,” said Aliza Gimpel, who returned to Nishmat’s Dr. Monique C. Katz Campus from her home in Gush Etzion as soon as classes resumed in May. Students are divided into three groups, “capsules” of 20 each, where they study, eat and live only with the students assigned to their capsule. What made this experience “the best”?
We sang, danced and learned. But the true highlight of the holiday, at least for me, were the siyyumim. Each girl led a siyyum on gemara, chassidut, or philosophy. sharing something special that she learned. It was extremely inspirational. There was so much Torah in the air the whole two days, I found myself crying for joy multiple times,” said Aliza, a student in Shiur Bet.