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YH Shoshana Samuels Returns to Nishmat

Veteran Yoetzet Halacha Shoshana Samuels stepped back into Nishmat’s Bet Midrash last week for the first time in eight years. Awarded an Advanced Torah Fellowship from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture and pursuing research in Nishmat’s Machon l’Mechkar (Research Institute for Yoatzot Responsa), she is authoring a groundbreaking comprehensive textbook for kallah teachers, women who prepare brides for marriage. Her project is an outgrowth of the online Nishmat-OU-RCA Kallah Teacher Certification Program, for which she was the lead instructor. Before making aliyah with her family last year, Shoshana Samuels was Yoetzet Halacha for a consortium of synagogues in Teaneck, while commuting to LA to serve as that community’s first Yoetzet.