Community Outreach
Children’s Programs

Volunteer Work

Nishmat students are engaged with the children in the Pat neighborhood in various volunteer programs.

Homework Help & Torah Learning

Our students give homework help to elementary and high-school boys and girls, as well as learning Torah one-on-one with junior high school girls from secular homes.

Disabled Children

Nishmat volunteers currently work with disabled children in the neighborhood, providing companionship and helping their mothers.
This year we are launching a new project; Nishmat students can join a team of either clowns or singers (based on the idea of medical clowns) that will visit disabled and sick children in the neighborhood, spreading joy and sharing smiles. They will work in conjunction with the regular volunteers who have a relationship with these children.

Story Hour

Our weekly story-hour brings up to 20 children for story theatre, where Torah and other stories are acted out. The event ends with a mother-child arts & crafts activity; bonding time enjoyed by all.

Bat Mitzvah Program

Our 12 week Bat Mitzvah preparation course runs twice a year. Each group of 20 girls comes to Nishmat once a week to learn about Judaism, and to teach them life skills.
We have a special Bat Mitzvah program for Ethiopian girls which includes a moving trip to the kotel and ends with a communal Bat Mitzvah celebration for the girls and their families.

Holiday Celebrations

Sharing the joy of Judaism with the children of the community is an integral part of the Nishmat experience. Children are the focus of our Purim carnival, where students and children alike dress up and play carnival games. Our flag parade through the streets on Yom HaAtzmaut is enjoyed by the local children who join in with the flag-waving, singing and dancing and celebrate their Israeli pride. The first night of Channuka is celebrated with a community-wide candle lighting ceremony, replete with singing, dancing & sufganiot (doughnuts). Celebrating the holidays with the families of Pat is one of the highlights of a student’s year at Nishmat.