Community Outreach
Dreams for the Future

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, Nishmat has been able to engage the neighborhood in meaningful programming. Our dream is to build on to our success and provide more services to the residents of Pat.

Library & Play Area

Nishmat plans to open a children's library, where local children can come to read and be read to; this will hopefully replace the hours spent in front of a television. There will also be a play area, providing mothers with a fun, safe environment for their children. The library and play area will have educational books and games, enriching the children as they play.

Community Garden

Nishmat dreams of building a community garden in the Pat neighborhood. This garden will be looked after by a professional gardener, with Nishmat students bringing residents to the garden to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables, and to harvest them.
Nishmat hopes to bring people with disabilities to the garden, and provide them with a meaningful experience and an opportunity to feel productive.

Youth Center

Pat is an under-funded area, with little to no organized activity for its youth who are, unfortunately, turning to drinking and other dangerous behaviors to occupy themselves. Nishmat hopes to raise funds for a youth center, where local youth can meet in a safe environment, and where volunteers can help with school work and provide appropriate entertainment options.

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