Community Outreach
Women’s Programs

Evening Classes

Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, one of the most sought-after female speakers in the world, gives a weekly evening class where 250 women from all sectors of society join together to laugh and learn.

Yemei Iyun

Nishmat opens its doors to the public for special holiday classes, with all-night women's learning on Leil Hoshana Raba and Shavuot; and full-day learning programs in preparation for Rosh Hashana, Chanuka, Purim, and Pesach. These classes are taught by Nishmat senior scholars as well as sought-after guest speakers, and are attended by women from all over Israel, including Nishmat alumnae.

Taharat HaMispacha

Nishmat's Yoatzot Halacha give group seminars and refresher courses on women's health and taharat hamishpacha to women in neighborhoods throughout Israel.

Parenting Workshops

Nishmat runs a weekly parenting workshop, attended by 15 young mothers from the neighborhood.

Help with Children

Student volunteers help young mothers with their small children, including families with twins and triplets. They volunteer in families with disabled children, as well as in families with disabled and elderly women.
Our story-hour provides welcome entertainment for the children in the neighborhood, as well as an opportunity for mothers to bond with their children in joint activities.

Bridal Gown Gemach

Nishmat's bridal gown gemach (free rental service) is open to all, providing at least one bride a week with the dress of her dreams.

Food Distribution

Nishmat provides weekly food packages to approximately 30 needy families in the area before Shabbat.