Israeli Midrasha

Nishmat's Israeli Midrasha is a program for women who have completed their National or Israel Defense Forces Service. The Israeli Midrasha attracts women from diverse backgrounds, kibbutz members to city-dwellers, from all over Israel. Most study at Nishmat for one year before continuing their higher education, while others continue their path to higher Torah scholarship at Nishmat for a number of years, in Nishmat's Educators' Program or in conjunction with their university studies.


Nishmat's Israeli Midrasha is a full-day program, including intensive studies in Tanach, Talmud, Halacha and Jewish thought. Israeli students typically seek out Nishmat in order to build independent learning skills and breadth of Torah knowledge in an environment in strict conformity to halacha that encourages creative religious thinking and exposes them to diverse approaches.

The Midrasha is staffed with an exceptional faculty, including noted men and women scholars.

Nishmat's philosophy, of encouraging text-based, chavruta learning, enables the students to continue learning independently after they leave. The warm, supportive faculty keeps a connection with the students when they complete their studies, organizing alumnae events and keeping students up-to-date on opportunities to return to study at Nishmat.