Bat-Sheva Lerner Maslow, -The Jewish Week ‘s 36 under 36 – Extending Fertility, Empowering Women

The New York Jewish Week

By AMY SARA CLARK |  June 6, 2018

When Dr. Bat-Sheva Lerner Maslow was in medical school, she tried to find a specialty besides obstetrics and gynecology, with its long, unpredictable hours. But other fields just paled in comparison, Maslow said. It was a good thing, because in terms of finding fulfilling work, Maslow hit the jackpot: She has close relationships with patients, a direct path to help them and a chance to explore a plethora of technological, ethical and religious questions.

“I get to be involved in this grand conversation,” she said. Currently most of her conversations are about third-party reproduction. Four months ago, Maslow and her husband, Jonathan, a data analyst, moved with their kids to Riverdale when Maslow joined Extend Fertility, which says it’s the first practice exclusively devoted to egg freezing in the U.S.
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