Rabbi Yehuda Henkin Awarded Katz Prize

In the presence of Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern and several Knesset members, noted halachic authority Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin, Nishmat posek, prolific author and co-creator of Nishmat’s Yoatzot Halacha, was awarded The Katz Prize last week.
“For close to 40 years, Rabbi Henkin has made significant breakthroughs in his books and initiatives that empower the woman’s role in the Torah world and religious life. His responsa and rulings in this field are universally held in high regard,” read Dr. Zvi Katz of Jerusalem, who presented the prize, created by his parents, Marcos z”l and Adina Katz of Mexico City, in memory of Mr. Katz’s mother, Adela.

The Katz Prize is awarded to individuals who strengthen the interface of halacha and modernity. Previous recipients include Rabbi Yosef Dov HaLevi Soloveitchik and Rabbi Shlomo Goren.