Rabbi. Educator. Celebrity Chef?

When David Ehrlich, owner of Jerusalem’s trendy bookstore-café, T'mol Shilshom, joined Rabbi Yehoshua Weisberg’s family for Shabbat dinner several months ago, he was charmed by the unusual salads, a specialty of Rabbi Weisberg’s. "I'll cook for you at your café," joked the Rabbi in response to his friend’s compliment.

That’s how it came to pass that Nishmat’s much beloved “Rav Yehoshua”, Director of Shana ba’Aretz Post-High School Program and 20-year veteran of Nishmat’s faculty, became the café’s first Friday-morning celebrity chef for the month of July.

“I insisted that I buy all the ingredients, that I prepare everything, that I do all of it,” said Rav Yehoshua. “I like delicious things in small portions. Everything is home-made, made personally, there are no recipes. It’s a dream, to see people enjoying my food. It feels like teaching a Gemaraclass… but a bit of a different style…"  Click image to play video (Hebrew).