Build Your Experience

English schedule option:

As an overseas student, you will have the opportunity to choose from a rich array of shiurim taught both in English and in Hebrew- in the balance which is right for you. We will provide individualized guidance and support to help you build a schedule that best meets your needs. You will reap the benefits of sharing a spiritually-uplifting Beit Midrash with Israeli peers, without compromising the quality of learning due to external barriers.

Learn in chaburah style:

We want our students to develop a strong foundation in in-depth textual learning, and to cultivate the skills and passion to learn independently. In the past, this has been accomplished mainly through chavruta-based learning and frontal classes. At LIBA, we will complement these experiences with a third model that will focus on group learningTorah Nikneit Be’Chavura (Brachot 63,b). Teachers will facilitate learning in small groups, giving you the opportunity to learn with and from one another, sharpening not only your textual skills but also the ability to work together, present and listen to each other. 


In Nishmat you will enjoy a  core curriculum including rigorous, Bet Midrash-based learning  in areas of Tanach,Gemara, Halacha, Machashava, Chasidut and Aggada. the curriculum in liba will be modeled in the following setting:

  • Morning Seder: choose between options of Gmara, Halacha and Machshevet, diving in depth to primary sources in small learning groups and Chevrutot, led by teachers who will help take the learning to the next level. Gain proficiency in learning skills, discussion leading and personal research. 


  • Afternoon: Choose from a wide array of Shiurim taught both in English and Hebrew on topics of Aggadah, Tfilah, Jewish Philosophy, Chasidut and more, from the best teachers in the field.  


  • Evening: choose between options of Tanach, Bekiut Gmara, Chasidut or “big life questions”. Seder Erev is an opportunity to gain a more hands-on experience in feeling comfortable in the Beit Midrash, guided by teachers and mentors.