Same story, just a different name

When a police officer's bullet killed Salomon Teka, I thought everyone in Israel would understand our pain. I was wrong

JUL 10, 2019, 4:58 PM

I recently flew to the United States to work in a Jewish summer camp. On the flight there I watched a movie called “The Hate U Give.” It’s about a police officer that shoots a sixteen year old African American young man because he thought that he was going to pull out a gun from his car, but actually he was just reaching for a comb. At the end of the movie there was no justice for this murdered teenager despite the efforts of the main character to reveal the truth of what happened the night he was shot. I thought to myself, oh, this is interesting, why would God give me the opportunity to see this movie now? And then I found out that Salomon Teka had been shot by a police officer. I could immediately see the connections.