Rabbanit Chana Henkin, Rosh Hamidrasha

Rabbanit Chana Henkin, founder and Dean of Nishmat, is one of today’s most acclaimed Jewish educators and a leader in re-drawing the landscape of Torah leadership and scholarship for women. She has headed Nishmat’s beit midrash for thirty years, where her legendary, infectious love of Torah inspires generation after generation of students. Together with her husband, noted halachic authority Rav Yehuda Henkin ztz”l, Rabbanit Henkin created the unique role of Yoatzot Halacha, experts in women’s health and Jewish law, to address women’s questions in taharat hamishpacha and women’s health. Rabbanit Henkin is a graduate of Yeshiva University’s Stern College and YU’s Bernard Revel Graduate School. She received Honorary Doctorates from both Bar Ilan University and Yeshiva University, and was awarded Israel’s prestigious Agrest Prize for innovative religious education. The Henkins made aliyah in 1972 and Rabbanit Henkin lives in Jerusalem, where her life is devoted to advancing Torah and serving Klal Yisrael.