Programs of Study
Programs of Study

Nishmat has a range of programs catering to women of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Nishmat unites native Israelis and new immigrants, Americans, East and West Europeans, and more, in a warm, cohesive learning community.

Our LIBA Overseas Program offers post-high school students the opportunity to enter the world of higher Torah learning in an environment which is intellectually rigorous and spiritually nourishing, while experiencing Israel as an insider with fellow-Israeli students.

The Woman’s Learning Initiative offers English speaking women of college age and above a challenging Torah learning experience, emphasizing skills development and textual mastery together with a clarification of what it means to be a Jewish woman, and uniting women of diverse backgrounds and ages. The program caters to all levels of learning, from beginner to advanced.


Nishmat’s Keren Ariel Program is a 2-year fellowship providing highest-level halachic study and training Yoatzot Halacha for leadership positions around the world.

Our Israeli Midrasha offers women an intensive year of rigorous text-based Torah learning in the year following National or Israel Defense Forces service, with the option of continuing on to Shiur Bet-Gimel and Dalet in our Educators’ Program.

Nishmat’s Ma’ayan program enables talented Ethiopian-Israelis to join the world of higher Torah learning together with a rigorous college preparation program, and the option of joining Nishmat’s Joint College Program.

Whether you are probing your heritage for the first time, or have been learning Torah your whole life, Nishmat has a program for you.

Nishmat’s Summer Program
Treat yourself to a Torah vacation at Nishmat’s Summer Program!
Join women of all ages and backgrounds to explore inspiring Jewish perspectives on
Power, Leadership, and Responsibility
Challenge yourself with engaging chavruta partnerships and stimulating classes from some of the best teachers in Israel.
Wherever you’re starting from, we can help you reach higher!