Summer Program
Summer Program 2024

A Summer of Torah & Women's Solidarity
JULY 4-25
(One-week, Two-week, or Three-week option)

Now, more than ever, as we defend Jewish life in our homeland and around the world, we must strengthen ourselves through delving into the depths of Torah.

Come learn with us, come volunteer with us. Come strengthen and be strengthened by Medinat Yisrael's remarkable women.

Have you been thinking of coming on a solidarity mission to Israel to feel more connected to the Jewish people in these challenging times? Simultaneously, have you been dreaming of immersing yourself in text-based Torah study in Jerusalem?
At Nishmat, you can do both!

What Is Nishmat’s Summer Program? 

This year, in light of Jewish women’s pressing need to support Israelis during the war, Nishmat’s classic summer program has merged into a Torah solidarity mission, where participants can both immerse themselves in Torah study and embark on meaningful activities that are connected to the war, such as agriculture work, supporting soldiers and their families, visiting the wounded, displaced and bereaved. Since Am Yisrael’s needs change rapidly, we will plan the details closer to time. Additionally, every morning opens with a guest speaker, to get a range of up close reflections on different aspects of the most challenging time Am Yisrael has faced in decades.