Rabbanit Navit Tzadik

Rabbanit Navit Tzadik is a Ramit in Nishmat’s Shana Ba’Aretz program and serves as Director of Nishmat’s Online Beit Midrash Program and the Alisa Flatow Post-College Program. She also serves as a Ramit Halacha at Midreshet TVA and teaches Talmud in the Chevrutah program to medical students at Hadassah Ein Karem. Rabbanit Navit has studied Talmud and halacha for over fifteen years in various programs and midrashot, including Rav Aharon Lichtenstein’s Gemara shiur at Migdal Oz. She completed Rav Riskin’s Advanced Halacha Program at Midreshet Lindenbaum.  Rabbanit Navit earned a BA and teacher’s certificate from the Open University. She has published several articles on women and halachic observance. She lives in Otniel with her husband and eleven children.