Navit Tzadik

Navit Tzadik is a Ramit in Nishmat’s Shana Ba’Aretz program,  as well as a Ramit Halacha at Midreshet TVA. In addition, she teaches Talmud in the Chevrutah program to Medical students at Haddassh Ein Karem. Navit has studied Talmud and halacha for over a decade and a half in various programs and midrashot, including Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein’s Gemara shiur at Migdal Oz. She completed Rabbi Riskin’s advanced halacha program at Midreshet Lindenbaum.  Navit earned a BA and teacher’s certificate from the Open University. She has published several articles on women and halachik observance.  Navit and her husband,  Shalom live in Otniel with their ten children.