The Dr. Monique C. Katz Campus

Nishmat is located on a beautiful, seven-story campus in Jerusalem’s Pat neighborhood. With its lush greenery and Jerusalem stone, the campus has a serene and warm feeling. Nishmat’s building includes a world-class bet midrash, student housing, classrooms, a large multipurpose dining hall, and gorgeous rooftop garden. Surrounding the building are manicured grounds and a long pathway, commonly known as “the Shvil,” where students and teachers sit, hang out, learn, eat lunch, and relax. 

Life becomes your classroom when living in fully integrated dirot, or apartments, with Israeli and Ethiopian-Israeli classmates. Dirot have two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette, which apartment-mates use to cook the dinners they will share together. There are laundry machines, communal ovens and exercise machines for student use on campus as well. 

Nishmat is a community beyond the Bet Midrash. Several young members of our teaching staff live on campus with their families, and students drop by for meals or just to talk both during the week and on Shabbatot. As Nishmat is the students’ home for the year, the campus is open throughout the entire year, including all Shabbatot and Chagim. Students can stay in by themselves or with friends any time they wish. There is a Minyan on campus on Shabbatot and a number of Shuls close by.


Nishmat is situated between Katamon and Talpiot, right on the beautiful “Park Hamesila” jogging trail that students use and enjoy.  Just a short bus ride from the Kotel (30 min), Emek Refaim (10 min), and the center of town (25 min), students are encouraged to explore the magnificent city of Jerusalem and make it their own. 


Nishmat believes that an ideal life of each student should include learning Torah and doing Chessed. Because of that Chessed is an integral part of our program. Each Nishmat student has a two-hour slot each week dedicated to a Chessed project on or off campus. Projects include running a Bat Mitzvah program for girls, helping elderly neighbors with Shabbat preparation, and Bikur Cholim. Nishmat has a full-time Chessed coordinator who trains and accompanies students throughout the year, making sure that each student has the appropriate Chessed project.

There is also a bridal gown Gemach located on our campus, and all leftover catered food is packaged and delivered to a food pantry nearby. Students help bring both of these initiatives to life throughout the year. Before every Jewish holiday students make small community events for children in the neighborhood. These Chessed projects and others inspire and energize our students and contribute to the community around us. 

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