Rachmana LIBA Bai’

Nishmat believes in firm halachic commitment, the highest level of Torah scholarship in all fields, and a deep connection to Eretz Israel and to the broader community. Rooted in the belief that Rachmana Liba Bai- what Hashem desires is our hearts - the LIBA program was designed to connect all these elements to the heart and the soul of each of our students. Through rigorous and spiritually energizing learning, exploring teachings of Machshava and Chasidut, workshops devoted to personal growth and Avodat Hamidot, connecting our bet midrash to spiritual expressions of song, dance and personal expression, the LIBA program will create a warm and uplifting environment that brings Torah into all aspects of life – challenging the intellect while connecting hearts in a manner that impacts actions and life choices.

Torat Chaim

Torat Chaim

We want your experience this year to last a lifetime. LIBA will give you the tools to translate the Torah you learn into the professional lives you will later build for yourself.

You will enjoy lectures and workshops with professionals in business and law, medicine and mental health, education and the humanities, from prominent Orthodox professionals who personally navigate the intersection between the professional world and the world of Halacha.Learn how Torah enhances and complements professional endeavors, and how to navigate potential conflicts.

Your home in Israel

Your home in Israel

Vibrant Bet Midrash- Nishmat is home to a variety of programs, where you will have the opportunity to meet with women from various backgrounds and stages of life.
Located in Jerusalem and immersed in the local community, you will enjoy ampful opportunities to interact with your neighbors who create the larger community of the Bet Midrash.

LIBA will offer an entire staff devoted to supporting overseas students, ensuring that their integration into the Bet Midrash is seamless and successful. In addition to the program directors and new faculty, there will also be a program administrator, a mental health consultant, English-speaking madrichot, personal mechanchot assigned to each student, and the option of an adopting (Israeli) family. In addition, LIBA students will have the option of choosing English speaking dorming setup to provide a maximum level of comfort.


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